{Olympic Peninsula} A Holiday Weekend

February 22, 2011
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Matt, Reaghan and I all had a long weekend for the President’s Day holiday. Matt and I had been wanting to travel over to the Olympic Peninsula. It really could be more than a weekend trip. You could totally spend a whole week visiting The Peninsula because there is so much to see. We hit […]

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Mountains, Mountains Everywhere

February 2, 2011
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Sorry all my midwestern and southern friends. I know you guys are having some horrific weather right now. Part of me wishes I were there with y’all, snowed in and snuggled up in my home. While you guys have been getting frigid air and dumped on by snow, up here in the PNW we’ve had […]

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Hiking on Mt. Erie

January 31, 2011
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I had a rare day off all by myself today. Actually, Matt ended up having a stomach virus, so he was home. He seemed to be “out of the woods,” so I went about my daily activities because I had several things I wanted to do. First up was a morning run. I usually meet […]

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{Bowman Bay} Chasing the Sun

January 28, 2011
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Today was another one of your typical winter days here in the Pacific Northwest. Basically what that means is it’s cloudy and the air feels damp. It was 48 degrees, but something about the damp air just makes everything cold. It doesn’t necessarily rain every day, or all day when it does. But it might […]

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Foggy Day on the Island

January 27, 2011
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It’s funny how, for such a small island, the weather can vary so much. We live in town, which is right at sea level. This morning when Reaghan I left for work, the sun was bright and shining off snow covered Mt. Baker. When I got over to the west side of the island a […]

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