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January 29, 2010

Most of you know that I have enjoyed scrapbooking for many years now. I think I created my first scrapbook page the summer after I moved to Oklahoma City in 1998. A friend of mine had just been to a Creative Memories party, and invited me over to try it out. I have always loved taking pictures, but never had anywhere to put them… this was perfect for me! Well, many years later (and a lot of money… don’t tell my husband!) I continue to enjoy it. My style and the tools I use have definitely evolved. Remember all those crazy edged scissors? Yuck! From Hobby Lobby, to Creative Memories only, I have turned to Digital Scrapbooking. This was inspired by my recent foray in creative media editing (movies, webpages, etc.) I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking and couldn’t believe my eyes! Use my computer? Scrapbook! No mess! No papers for Reaghan to tear, eat or run off with! Utopia….

Below are some of my favorite digital pages that I have done over the last few years.




You Drive Me Crazy







Holiday Sparkle

Favorite Chicago Sights



I have printed several Shutterfly books that turned out fabulous. Much easier to show-off than the huge paper scrapbooks.

Click here to view this photo book larger

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