January 28, 2010

My name is Kami Bible and I’m a wife, mother and occupational therapist currently living in Edmond, Oklahoma. I say “currently” because this spring my family and I will be making a move to Anacortes, WA. In fact, my husband moved out there at the end of January. Our daughter, Reaghan, and I are staying behind to finish out the school year.


I started blogging in November of 2006, when I bought my first Mac. It’s a beautiful Mac Book Pro and I LOVE it. I instantly became an Apple Fangirl and haven’t looked back! My blog was a way for me to keep up with my family ¬†and friends who are ¬†mainly in Kansas, but also several other places around the country (well, world, too). And now that we are moving 2,200 miles away, it will be an even better way to keep in touch.

mac pic

Happy Mail Day, 040308 (Kami)By day, I work as an Occupational Therapist in the school systems. I work with children who are developmentally delayed, diagnosed with Autism, birth defects or simply just handwriting and fine motor control issues. I’ve been an OT for 12 years and have worked in many different areas including in-patient physical rehabilitation, out-patient, acute care, home health and pediatrics.

Things I love:

  • running
  • photography
  • camping
  • family
  • blueberry muffins with streusel
  • iced sugar cookies
  • chocolate covered strawberries

You can find me at:

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